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10 Attributes of Successful CEOs

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
The hospital CEO title is a relatively new one in the past 30 years; leaders often held titles like “administrator” or “executive director” rather than CEO. As hospitals and health systems become broader and encompass more services, more corporate behaviors are being adopted. Andrew Chastain, Witt/Kieffer senior vice president, recently discussed the top attributes of successful healthcare CEOs in Becker’s Hospital Review.
"One thing we're seeing is bifurcation: Big systems are getting bigger and small hospitals and systems are really struggling," says Chastain. Leaders of these organizations now need new skills and capabilities. For example, today’s healthcare CEO must prove that he or she is skilled in leading an organization through innovations. "As CEO, you aren't a chief innovator. But you establish the culture where the innovation happens," says Mr. Chastain.
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