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AESC Podcast with Chuck Wardell

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Witt/Kieffer President and CEO Chuck Wardell discusses his expectations for the search profession and the industries Witt/Kieffer serves in a recent podcast with AESC President Peter Felix. In the interview, Wardell covers healthcare trends and challenges while expressing optimism for the evolution of patient care.

Wardell states, “The healthcare industry is under pressure to lower costs, improve quality of care, be more responsible to the patients that they service, and as much as they can, try to help a broader constituency.”
“There are a whole new set of titles coming into our industry: Chief Physician Executive; Chief Experience Officer; Medical Director of Accountable Care,” says Wardell. “All of these are being created to bring consolidated healthcare to the patient in a lower-cost, higher-quality way. We see that the technology-finance-patient world is now equal to the medical practice world.”

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