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Commitment Drives Healthcare Diversity

Friday, September 07, 2012

Culturally competent care helps drive quality. Healthcare diversity must be carried through onboarding and sustained mentoring to ensure minority executives feel they will be productive and effective in their roles. However, a recent Witt/Kieffer survey cites that only about one-quarter of healthcare executives feel minorities are well-represented in their organization’s management.

Howard Jessamy, Witt/Kieffer diversity practice leader, recently discussed the diversity gap between vision and reality within healthcare organizations in Training Magazine. “Cultural diversity in health care is not strictly a staffing issue involving people who care for patients. It needs to permeate the entire institution, including a more inclusive approach to board appointments,” says Jessamy.

In the article, “Advancing Cultural Diversity in Health Care,” Jessamy offers tips for CEOs and board members to drive organizational change and embrace healthcare diversity. Read the full article here.


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