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Foundations Can Learn From Livestrong

Monday, November 12, 2012

In the wake of Lance Armstrong stepping down as chairman from the Livestrong foundation he started, other charitable groups can take away lessons on how to remain sustainable after a scandal. Greg Santore, vice president and leader of the Witt/Kieffer sports leadership practice, recently wrote on this topic in SportsBusiness Journal article.

“The mission matters above all else, much more than any one individual,” Santore writes. “When the mission becomes bigger than the individual, the organization becomes sustainable.” It’s also important for foundations to find a balance between their missions and high-profile spokespeople. “As we see with Livestrong, the athlete doesn’t guarantee sustainability,” says Santore. “To keep Livestrong thriving, [their] team will need to focus less on ‘Lance’s story’ and more on success stories from thousands of others who have beaten cancer with the help of the foundation.”

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