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Health Plans Continue to Hire from Within

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Although a health plan board may request that a recruiter present candidates from outside the insurance industry, the board still tends to hire someone with strong health insurance experience. Steve Kratz, Witt/Kieffer vice president and managed care practice leader, recently discussed this in an interview with Health Plan Week. “Someone from within the industry will have pattern recognition. They don’t need every bit of data to connect the dots,” says Kratz.

Health plans may start recruiting efforts with the idea of bringing a new energy to the industry. However, it can take an executive several years to assimilate from outside the industry. “I spoke with the CIO at a health insurance company who had worked in several different industries,” Kratz said. “He said that with other industries, such as pharmacy and airlines, he felt comfortable within three to six months. But in health insurance, he said it took almost three years before he fully understood the industry.

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