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Healthcare CEOs Postponing Retirement

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

In May 2012, Witt/Kieffer conducted a nationwide, confidential survey of healthcare CEOs over the age of 55 to learn about these leaders’ future plans for retirement, transitioning out of the C-suite and the challenges they face as they make these plans.

About one-quarter (24 percent) are planning to retire within four to five years; 14 percent will retire within two to three years; and just eight percent plan to retire within one year. Nearly half (42 percent) of respondents are more than five years away from retirement and 12 percent have no retirement plans in place. However, of those in the 55-59 group, a surprising 71 percent have no current retirement plans, or will retire in more than five years.

Read the executive summary of the survey here.


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