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Healthcare Jobs Will Continue to Grow and Shift

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Healthcare currently represents 14% of the nation's total job growth and continues to produce jobs, but at a slower rate than the last few months. However, healthcare jobs have long been seen as a “stabilizer” in the economy and slower growth is not necessarily a sign of a slowdown. Christine Mackey-Ross, Witt/Kieffer senior vice president and practice leader, physician integration & leadership, believes healthcare job creation will continue and there will also be a shift in the nature of those jobs.

In a recent article in HealthLeaders, Mackey-Ross discussed the shift in jobs, including the importance of the CMIO role. "IT, particularly physicians and CMIOs, that's going to continue to be a very key position moving forward for a lot of different reasons, but particularly around productivity improvement reasons," says Mackey-Ross. She also predicts hospital hiring to pick up around the beginning of the year. "I think you're going to see more creativity around the kinds of jobs that are created in hospitals. I'm going to be surprised if more full-time jobs are created on the acute care side."

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