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Interview Advice for Administrative Candidates

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

From personal appearance to overzealousness behavior, administrative job candidates have a number of opportunities to make a positive first impression on a search committee. Occasionally, these candidates will take a peculiar approach to an interview and find the results are not what they anticipated. Witt/Kieffer senior vice president Dennis Barden offers the top 10 interview techniques that backfire on administrative candidates in an article he wrote for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

“Even after 15 years, I am constantly surprised by the approaches and tactics that candidates think will provide them with a winning edge—but that inevitably produce the opposite result,” Barden writes. At a minimum, candidates should “dress the part” for the interview and act polite to search committees. “Sitting with your arms folded defensively, daring the committee to impress you, is very unlikely to impress them,” writes Barden. “So act like your mother is looking over your shoulder and be polite. The Golden Rule also applies to job interviews.”

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