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Interview Tips for Moms-to-Be

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Expectant mothers cannot be discriminated against due to their condition, but should be prepared to deal with issues including what to reveal (and when), and maternity leave.  It is not necessary for a job seeker to reveal her pregnancy right off the bat, as that takes the focus off of her candidacy. "The priority should be about meeting your prospective employer and explaining to those you meet why you are the best candidate for this job," said Jena Abernathy, Witt/Kieffer vice president. "If you say something ahead of time, you are placing the emphasis on your pregnancy rather than on the role."

It may not even be necessary to mention the pregnancy during the interview phase, says Abernathy. "Depending on timing, there may be situations where you will be hired first and then disclose a pregnancy afterwards. Again, be honest and transparent about your reasons and most employers will appreciate this."

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