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Long-Term Career Planning Key for Top Performers

Friday, November 18, 2011
Balancing goals with one’s professional path can put an ambitious worker on the road to success, according to a recent Wall Street Journal MarketWatch article.  For those that strive to get ahead, working strategically and focusing on contributing to the company are keys to making an employee more valuable.
Shaping others’ perceptions is a proactive way to helping one get noticed and can be done through relationship-building and aligning with rising senior members. “You have to have a reputation of integrity and ethics, and you have to build your team along the way as you climb the ladder, people who believe in you and trust you,” Witt/Kieffer President and CEO Chuck Wardell said.

In addition to thinking strategically, Wardell says it’s important to realize that competing at the highest levels and advancing in an organization almost always involves politics. “It’s insane to go to a huge corporation and say you’ve never been political. You might as well go to a war without weapons,” Wardell said. “Politics are about getting along in the culture that you’re in."

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