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Mentors Important at Every Career Stage

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
The benefits of a mentor carry throughout every stage of a professional career, not just for someone first starting out in the workforce, according to a recent Chicago Tribune article. Mentors remain important as executives gain more senior experience, providing honest advice and guidance to those who are professionally established.
As executives advance in their careers, the candid guidance of a mentor remains beneficial. "The more successful you become, the more you need someone to sit you down and say, 'Hey, you have a blind spot in this. Here's what you need to do,'" Witt/Kieffer President and CEO said. "What mentors do is they let you see yourself as others see you, and report that back to you so there's a clear idea of how you're perceived."
Mentors may not necessarily have more experience than the executive. "As long as this person cares about you and has your best interests in mind, even if they are at a junior level, it can be very beneficial,” Wardell said. Respecting the mentor’s drive and integrity, as well as their busy schedule, are also essential for a successful partnership.
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