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Podcast: Necessity of Board Succession Planning

Friday, September 14, 2012

Most boards understand how important CEO succession planning is to an organization, and often devote time and attention to it in high-level meetings. However, when a board member leaves, there is rarely a firm plan in place to recruit new, qualified board members. Jim Gauss, Witt/Kieffer Chairman of Board Services, discusses why trustees should give board succession more attention in this recent Trustee podcast.

It is often a challenge for hospitals and health systems to find new board members. Traditional skills are necessary, yet thorough knowledge of the changing healthcare landscape is also highly valued. In a recent Witt/Kieffer blog, Gauss discussed how many successful boards are taking a more creative approach and are looking at executives in other industries to bring a fresh perspective. “These boards are willing to mentor new members in the nuances of a particular industry,” says Gauss, “but they prefer candidates who already have substantial governance experience and can contribute early in their tenure.”


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