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Pre-Hire Assessments Becoming More Common

Monday, September 19, 2011

More than half of companies are using some sort of pre-hire assessment tool to help increase the odds of finding a good match, according to a recent Wall Street Journal MarketWatch article.  These tests are seen as a way to gauge cultural fit which is often difficult to detect in an interview. The article points out that senior-level employees may face in-depth assessments but workers at all levels should prepare for these pre-hire assessments.

While useful, these assessments don’t have the final say in whether or not a candidate gets the job. “If you do very well on tests, I consider it a very good reference,” Witt/Kieffer President and CEO Chuck Wardell said. “And if you don’t do well, I look at it as OK, not everybody gets 10 great references.”

Job applicants may try to predict what the company is looking for and answer accordingly. However, it’s best to answer the assessment honestly, as some tests contain scales to detect these types of misrepresentations.

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