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Proactive, Responsible Candidates Help Craft a Smooth Search Process

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
From the start, a candidate should have a clear understanding of the job search process and what will be expected at each step. Deciding whether or not to pursue an opportunity may involve input from family and some self-reflection. Weighing one’s interest against one’s current professional and personal situation is only the first step in pursuing a new career opportunity, writes Witt/Kieffer consultant Donna Padilla.
“Doing the homework” and seeking direct, honest feedback will be the most helpful actions the candidate can undertake. Any advice received is not meant to be critical, but rather helpful in the current job search and future interviews, according to Padilla. Candidates should be honest about resume gaps, relocation concerns or compensation issues and address them upfront. This level of transparency will be pivotal in establishing a trusting relationship with the organization.

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