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Taking Guesswork Out of Presidential Selection

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Universities are under enormous pressure as financial and strategic paradigms shift. Now more than ever, boards are challenged to find strong, accomplished leaders that are the best fit for the campus. The higher education presidential selection process is in need of change, says John Thornburgh, senior vice president and co-leader of Witt/Kieffer’s education practice, in a recent University Business article.

“The traditional model uses the time-honored protocol of establishing large, inclusive campus committees that represent a virtual ‘Noah’s Ark’ of students, faculty, staff, and trustees,” says Thornburgh. “While these committees are well-intended and committed to their institution’s success, they are often unprepared to apply serious leadership evaluation tools and ill-equipped to dig deeply to validate candidate strengths/weaknesses against the leadership priorities needed for future success.” In the article, Thornburgh offers best practices for boards and committees as they navigate the search process, including engaging the board from the start and applying formal assessment tools to evaluate candidates.

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