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Teamwork Expedites Search Process

Friday, April 29, 2011
Close teamwork between clients and executive search consultants goes a long way in expediting the search process and attracting the most qualified candidates. From gathering information at the beginning of a search to courting the final candidates, it’s crucial for clients and the search team to be in sync. Each step is important, writes Senior Vice President Elaina Genser, as candidates should be actively wooed throughout the process.
Once the position description is created and candidates are presented to the client, scheduling time with the hiring executives becomes a pivotal point in the process. Reserving time on calendars well in advance and using videoconference technology help trim considerable time off the process, all while showing respect for the candidate’s time. The client should take opportunities to court the candidate and do everything possible to contribute to the candidate’s interest in the position. Genser explains that treating candidates with respect and consideration can result in a successful search with a shorter timeline.

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