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Vetting Critical Part of Hiring Process

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rutgers University has had a string of unfortunate hiring incidents in its athletics department, causing many to speculate on the lack of vetting. As part of the vetting process, executive search firms perform background checks to identify areas of concern, check criminal records and verify credentials. In a recent Inside Higher Ed article, Greg Santore, Witt/Kieffer vice president and sports leadership practice leader, explains that today’s executive search firms must go beyond traditional search practices.

“One way of exploring past experience is through ‘deep-dive’ interviews, which take a very methodical approach and go through past experiences step by step and, importantly, how and why the candidate made key job and career decisions,” Santore says. Search firms and committees must do their due diligence in speaking with former employers and co-workers to learn as much about the candidate as possible. Santore states, “The importance of selection is magnified in this day and age because the stakes are so high and processes are much more transparent than in the past.”

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