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December 2016

Recruiter's View: Today's Chief Marketing Officer
Health systems are looking for marketing officers who can be strategists and innovators, writes senior partner Rachel Polhemus.

November 2016

What Recruiters Look for in Clinician Executives
Linda Komnick and Christine Mackey-Ross share insights into today's top physician and nurse executives.

October 2016

A Healthcare CEO's Job Interview Checklist
Five questions to help chief executives identify the right employer.

Lawyers: New Players in the Healthcare C-Suite
Executives with legal expertise are in demand.

3 Ways a CDO Can Help a Hospital Workforce
A look at the role of the chief diversity officer in maintaining healthy workplace relationships.

August 2016

Must-have Traits for Children's Hospital Leaders
In this Children's Hospitals Today article, Jim King explores the need for more collaborative executives.

July 2016

Cintron Named CEO of University Medical Center of El Paso
The El Paso native replaces former CEO Jim Valenti, who is retiring.

Healthcare Executives Must Look Upstream
Better community education means better success for population health strategies, writes Andrew Chastain.

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