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Witt/Kieffer Publishes New Guidebook: Recruiting Exceptional Nonprofit Leaders

Thursday, May 16, 2019



The Not-for-Profit Practice of Witt/Kieffer has published a new best practices guidebook, Recruiting Exceptional Nonprofit Leaders. This resource features 11 articles authored by key members of Witt/Kieffer's consulting staff.

While charitable giving continues to grow, so does the competition among nonprofits and charities for donation dollars and sustainability. Today’s not-for-profit leaders, therefore, must possess tremendous passion and purpose, managing complex organizations while maintaining an unwavering attention to the mission.

Topics covered in the guidebook include:

  • Effective nonprofit CEO search committees, and how search committees can see bias in themselves;
  • How to spot important factors like cultural fit and fundraising potential in leadership candidates;
  • Replacing an iconic nonprofit leader;
  • How gender plays a role in the job interview, and what not-for-profit CEO candidates must ask in the interview process, and;
  • Effective CEO transitioning and onboarding.

Download the guidebook, or read summaries of the articles within.



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