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Life Sciences Search at Witt/Kieffer: Shooting for Stars

Pharmaceutical, biopharma, medical device, diagnostic and other life sciences companies find themselves in the midst of historic change and market uncertainty. They require great leaders – superstars – who can often make the difference between success or failure.

Witt/Kieffer’s Life Sciences practice targets individuals who have proven themselves on small and large stages, in start-ups and pharmaceutical “academy companies.” Often we are asked to bring forward candidates who understand "best practices" learned from large organizations coupled with demonstrated success at smaller organizations where an individual must "wear a lot of hats."

Because Witt/Kieffer is the only "Top 10" retained search firm dedicated to Healthcare and Life Sciences since 1969, we have developed the world's largest “historically comprehensive” databases of candidates in pharma, biopharma, device, diagnostic and related industries. Historically comprehensive means that we have had ongoing relationships with candidates from the time they graduate from college to the time they retire, so our ability to reach out for interest and referrals from great talent on an assignment is unmatched.


An Aggressive Recruiting Process

Our search consultants, most former executives themselves, know expectations are high for search assignments. We communicate weekly with written and verbal updates about candidate backgrounds, pharma and biotech marketplace trends, and comments from our pool of candidates about the position. We commit to deliver a full slate of candidates (6 to 8) who have been completely vetted and ready to move on the opportunity at 30 working days into a search.

Once in their new roles, our placements stick. In fact, our most recent study indicates that, after six years of employment, almost 80% of our placements are still with the same employer. Furthermore, a search firm should share in the risk associated with critical hires. Our placements are guaranteed for one year.

Integral to every life sciences assignment we conduct are our Leadership Solutions, rooted in an industry-specific competency assessment model which helps to evaluate an executive’s strengths and areas for improvement. Based upon factors critical to success in pharma and other life sciences leaders, this proven portfolio of tools and methodologies helps organizations define what great leadership is according to their needs.

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