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Solutions for Exceptional Leadership

Witt/Kieffer has developed an exclusive model of research-based processes and best practices in the assessment, interviewing, transitioning and support of leadership. We call it our Solutions for Exceptional Leadership portfolio, which goes above and beyond what other search firms offer:

• Our methodologies have been proven extensively in our client organizations over many years.
• Through comprehensive leadership assessment, deep-dive behavioral interviewing, 360-degree feedback and other services, we provide greater insight into executive experience, leadership characteristics and on-the-job behaviors.
• We have developed three exclusive leadership competency models and solutions portfolios that are specific to Healthcare, Higher Education and the Life Sciences.
• Our consultants are trained in integrating these solutions into their work and communicating their meaning and value to clients.

Despite their sophistication, our Solutions are really about simplicity—giving clients the qualitative and quantitative information they need to trust their instincts and validate choices regarding executives. These tools increase the likelihood that top executives will excel from the start and have lasting success.

The following Solutions are integral to all of the executive searches that Witt/Kieffer conducts:

Exceptional Leadership Competency Model
Exceptional Leadership Assessment Interview
Witt/Kieffer Executive/Leadership Potential Report
Exceptional Leadership 360° Feedback Survey

We provide many additional services to complement and enhance clients’ existing executive talent management programs.
• Onboarding
• Executive Talent Assessments
• Executive Transitioning
• Succession Management
• Team Development


Richard Metheny is leader of the Solutions for Exceptional Leadership practice.

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