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Executive Coaching

All leaders want to get to better, but there can be obstacles along this path. The higher a leader rises within an organization the fewer colleagues there are to provide meaningful feedback and contrasting viewpoints. These are individuals who can benefit greatly from executive coaching – to have a trusted, objective counterpart provide counsel and insight.

Other executives can reach a plateau, or a seemingly insurmountable challenge, which they may seem incapable of addressing given their skills and experiences. Again, coaching can help the executive get beyond a particular career sticking point.

How Executive Coaching Works

The mission of Witt/Kieffer’s Executive Coaching and Feedback Program is to support executives in becoming more aware of themselves as leaders and of the colleagues and teams around them. Executive coaching is an inquiry-based approach to personal and professional development that is aimed at creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning and growth. It focuses on improving performance by helping individuals to develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors.

Executive coaching engagements typically follow these steps:

  • Intake and assessment
  • Goal setting and values clarification
  • Ongoing coaching and skill development
  • Measurement of results

Witt/Kieffer’s executive coaching services are rooted in our proven, evidence-based leadership assessment methodologies. Our assessments are designed to provide clear information to executives about their strengths and potential derailers. An aware executive is one who can grow. Supporting this information are trained and experienced coaches who help leaders interpret their unique competencies and develop awareness of themselves as leaders. Our coaches assist executives in formulating strategies to tackle immediate roadblocks or challenges and achieve long-term career development goals.

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