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Quality work is our priority and it's reflected in our clients' satisfaction. We often hear from our clients that our approach to search and level of service exceed their expectations. Here is what some of our clients have said about Witt/Kieffer.

Oak Brook, IL – May 30, 2013 –International executive search firm Witt/Kieffer today announced the recruitment of David Buche as Chief Operating Officer for AFcell Medical, the leading innovator and designer of surgical birth tissue forms as marketed under its AmnioClear brand. John McLean, Managing Partner and Global Leader of Witt/Kieffer’s Life Sciences Practice led the search.
Mr. Buche leads new product development, sales force expansion and strategic growth activities for AFcell. He brings to the position more than 25 years experience in bringing biologic products to market and commercializing regenerative biologic technology platforms, having previously held executive leadership positions at Integra Life Sciences, Synovis Life Technologies, and Spectranetics Corporation.
According to Robin Young, CEO and Founder of AFcell Medical, at this point in the company’s growth, it was critical to find a COO with the right experience who also fit the culture. “John McLean could not have done a better job understanding our leadership needs and finding the best candidates,” he said. 
Mr. McLean and his Witt/Kieffer Life Science team identified nearly 200 potential candidates before narrowing the field by going through a detailed key selection criteria assessment to identify strong finalists. “I was really impressed with the candidates,” said Mr. Young. “Before I even interviewed them, I knew they were a great match for the company.”
“David knocked me over,” he went on to say. “His background included a lot of the things I personally look for in a candidate. He had been with a start-up company that had grown rapidly. He was an integral part of the team that successfully led the company through that process.”
 “David's extensive experience bringing biologic products to market and commercializing regenerative biologic technology platforms fits well with AFcell Medical's culture of innovation for general surgery, wound care and orthopaedic indications,” Mr. Young explained.
“Post-hire, David’s been doing even better than we expected,” added Mr. Young. “Clearly we found the right leader through John and Witt/Kieffer’s process.”
About Witt/Kieffer
Witt/Kieffer is the preeminent executive search firm that identifies outstanding leadership solutions for organizations committed to improving the quality of life, including the life sciences, healthcare, higher education, and not-for-profit industries. For more information, visit
About AFcell Medical
AFcell Medical Inc. is a leading supplier of birth tissue products for use in the clinical setting. Its processing partner is the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), the leading tissue bank and processor of allograft tissues in North America and Europe. AFcell Medical supplies its trademarked AmnioClear(R) amniotic allograft tissue to hospitals throughout the United States. For more information visit AmnioClear(R) is a registered trademark of AFcell Medical Inc.

Witt/Kieffer's service, approach and results to date are far and away better than any other firm I have ever worked with or heard about.

Co-Chair of a Provost search at a public research university

Witt/Kieffer really takes the time to understand the organization and the community first.

Jon Ness
Chief Executive Officer
Kootenai Health, Coeur D'Alene, ID

The level of candidates presented was far superior compared to other firms.

Stacy Brown
Director, Human Resources
AmeriNet, Inc., St. Louis, MO


The level of expertise, professionalism and work ethic was very impressive. The Witt/Kieffer consulting team was in constant communication.

Amy Jo Lavi
Senior Associate Director, Recruitment and Human Resources
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Witt/Kieffer's knowledge of the university sector, development and alumni relations was invaluable. This was our first experience with a US-based search and Witt/Kieffer's knowledge was vital to finding the right person and understanding the US market.

Karen Van Sacker
Director, Principal Gifts
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Witt/Kieffer has superior knowledge of the non-profit field and they have done their homework as far as networking with solid professionals in the development field.

Flynn Andrizzi, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Resource Development
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Newport Beach, CA

Witt/Kieffer has serviced the College through at least four searches. All were conducted thoroughly, professionally and with care to detail. Additionally, we always want a diverse pool of candidates and Witt/Kieffer has provided that pool.

Kathleen Alvino
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Providence College, Providence, RI



You really can't train people to be intuitive, nurturing, and bullish all at the same time. This skill set comes from experience. This simple truth was evident at all phases of our search process. The Witt/Kieffer consultants were top tier, period.

Presidential Search Committee Chair
Emporia State University, Emporia, KS

The quality of the consultants and candidates differentiate Witt/Kieffer from other executive search firms.

Leroy Milton, MD
Chairman of the Search Committee
McAlester Regional Health Center, McAlester, OK

Ours was a very difficult search. The number of contacts made to identify candidates was extraordinary.

David Olejniczak
Chief Operating Officer
St. John's Hospital, Springfield, IL

Just a short note of thanks for your work on the search at Sisters of Providence. I believe we have a great candidate and we are very excited that he has joined the team. As you know, this was a hard and tricky search. Overall, we ended in a great place but the search challenged all of us. I appreciate your cool under fire and again, the result is good.

As always, Witt/Kieffer is my go-to team and always will be. As I have mentioned several times before, you helped me in my career on two different occasions and I won't ever forget that. I will always do what I can for the firm.
My profound thanks,
Clayton Fitzhugh
Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Catholic Health East Corporation

I just wanted to thank you for sending me your article on ACOs.  In my opinion, between your questions and the answers of Drs. Chessare and Fredrickson, the article as a whole did a great job simplifying and explaining the complexity of ACOs.  Personally, the article could not have come at a better time as our practice recently signed an agreement with our local health system which allowed us to “integrate” with the hospital on some level but at the same time maintain our independence (referenced by Dr. Fredrickson).  I have passed this article on to our ownership.  Thanks again.

Mike Ariss, MPH, Practice Administrator
Newland Medical Associates, Southfield MI

I have had a lot of time on both sides of the fence with ER, in-patient and out. Something has to be done to stem the tide with rising healthcare costs, compliance and lack of accountability in all areas of patient care (patient, provider, hospital, government and insurance administration).

I do believe that ACOs could be a good thing and that patient accountability needs to be considered as well. Nurse managers or coaches would be important and we also would have to return to patients procuring referrals prior to ER visits unless life, limb or sight. Providers would have to be more accessible and compensated to take better call and care to reduce ER and nonsense visits.

Providers, not administrators, should be in charge of ordering and authorizing bigger ticket items like MRIs and referrals. And providers should be heavily involved in constructing and implementing out-patient treatment for many conditions.

Finally, we need to manicure our training programs to meet more holistic needs and prepare PCPs, or the new era providers, to have broad skills. There must be less fear and litigation so physicians can really practice medicine and care for people. Almost puts me in mind of the old time Doc.

Thomas Stoner, DO, FACOI
Vice-Chair DOM
Site Director, Adams County Internal Medicine

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