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The Abrupt CEO Turnover: Resist the Tyranny of the Now

Monday, July 24, 2017


It is perhaps a healthcare organization’s greatest fear: an unplanned, abrupt exit of a CEO. Whether that exit is due to illness, scandal, internal politics, or other reason, it forces the organization into crisis mode. A “tyranny of the now” situation arises in which the board and other senior leaders scramble to manage the present. There’s also a need for patience and factoring in the longer-term picture when a CEO leaves abruptly—the tortoises and hares of the boardroom need to join forces and proceed pragmatically.

This article by Witt/Kieffer's Paul Bohne outlines steps that healthcare organizations must take to deftly handle an unplanned CEO turnover: how to plan for the unexpected in advance and knowing the things that must be done immediately and those that deserve patience and deliberation.

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