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How to Spot Cultural Fit in Nonprofit Leadership Candidates
Andrew Trechsel provides guidelines for not-for-profit organizations and search committees to follow as they recruit top executives and strive to assess cultural fit.
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The Elusive (and Expanding) Role of the Provost
Concetta Stewart explores the challenges that institutions are facing as they seek to define the role of provost, and then to recruit individuals who can succeed in the position.
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Planning Is Everything: How to Prep for a CIO Interview
Witt/Kieffer's Zachary Durst shares interviewing tips for today's healthcare CIO candidates.
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Interim Executives Provide a Remedy for Upheaval in Healthcare
If disruption is the norm, then there will be demand for interim executives to help manage it, writes Brian Krehbiel.
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Women's Leadership in Academic Medicine: Insignificant Gains?
Diversifying leadership provides new perspectives and leads to success, yet for various reasons women are still not rising to top roles in academic medicine in significant numbers, writes Witt/Kieffer's Joyce De Leo. "Only when more women are placed in senior leadership roles will we see the balance of power shift," she adds.
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Reputation Management in an Era of Too Much Information
"In my work as a search consultant, there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t speak with candidates about a personal or career misstep they’ve made and how to handle it in the hiring process," writes Ann Yates.
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The Changing C-Suite for Health IT
In two interviews, Hillary Ross shares insights on the evolving role of the chief digital officer in healthcare and other health IT leadership trends.
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Doreen Samelson: Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be
"Simply having insight is not enough," says Doreen Samelson. "You must use the insight to change your behavior."
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Cultivating a Culture of Philanthropy on Your Board
Board members can see fundraising as an honor and a core part of their responsibilities, writes Julie Rosen.
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New Hire Relocation: Trends and Options
This article discusses the basics of a standard relocation policy, as well as some recent trends in this economic environment.
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