Building Bridges: Healthcare’s New Era of Collaboration

When executive leadership can rise above a crisis to build bridges with other organizations, partners and even competitors, the result is positive change. This panel discussion will dive into the reasons and groundwork for the collaboration between organizations, the processes and best practices that emerged and the impact seen on people and communities as a result.

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Building Bridges: Conversation with Dr. Estes

While the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have been great, there have been many silver linings and examples of exceptional healthcare leadership and bold industry collaboration. In this exclusive conversation, WittKieffer managing partner Paul Bohne connects with Dr. Melinda Estes, President and CEO of Saint Luke’s Health System and Chair, Board of Trustees, American Hospital Association, to discuss examples of how St. Luke’s and other healthcare providers have increased virtual care, initiated disparate technologies, and allowed frontline caregivers to do remarkable work. “Things they said we couldn’t do we’ve done,” she says.

Estes and Bohne also discuss the leadership competencies that executives can employ to excel in a time of crisis, issues of health equity and how healthcare providers can address them, and what needs to happen next for healthcare to bounce back from a very challenging time.

Watch the on-demand video, or download and listen to the podcast below:


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