In Health IT, WittKieffer Consultants Have the Write Stuff

The website recently came out with its most popular blog posts from 2019, and WittKieffer is pleased to have two items on the list. Coming in at number four of the site’s most read blog posts is “From Tactician to Strategist: The Evolving Role of the CNIO.” In it, WittKieffer’s Tammy Jackson and Hillary Ross explain how more health systems are elevating their nursing informatics leaders as a vital strategic partner with a seat at the leadership table. “In the next generation of informatics, operational ownership, and health IT optimization, executive CNIOs should help to guide all business decisions and strategies,” they write.

The sixth most popular blog for the website was “Planning Is Everything: How to Prep for a CIO Interview,” by Zachary Durst. Among the advice Durst offers to would-be CIOs is “it’s just as important for you to get to know the organization as it is for them to get to know you.”

In other health IT news, HealthSystemCIO also asked experts their memories of 2019 and visions for 2020. Among the responders was Ross, who shared that her most valued experience in 2019 was attending most of the leading health IT conferences throughout the year. “Our most important accomplishment in 2019, as it has been in the past, is our relationship of trust and commitment with the healthcare IT leadership community in a changing market,” she wrote.