WittKieffer: A Year in Review

In many ways, the last year was unlike any other: a persistent pandemic, a stimulus-fueled economy, supply chain disruption and inflation, talent shortages and churn. We supported the resiliency of our clients through the unwavering commitment and untiring effort of our team members to deliver client service excellence and exceptional outcomes. We also invested in people, technology, process innovations and solutions to broaden our ability to “Improve Quality of Life through Impactful Leadership.” We grew in revenue and employee numbers across all of our practices, and expanded our capabilities in exciting new areas, including Leadership Advisory, DE&I and Commercial Healthcare services.  

We are pleased to share a Year in Review report, which showcases WittKieffer’s differentiation, our growth and success, the key trends to watch and implications for leadership in healthcare, education, and the life sciences. We’re excited to highlight the many ways that we are working to serve our clients better to enhance their teams and fuel their success to benefit their communities and the wider world.

View the Year in Review: