Success from Experience

With a proven track record of excellence spanning decades, WittKieffer is perfectly positioned to deliver leadership solutions for lasting success.

Future Focus

Our deep insight into sectors that improve the quality of life allows us to anticipate their evolution and proactively identify candidates who can successfully lead clients into the future.

Tailored Solutions

By leveraging their collective experience, our consultants develop successful leadership strategies for clients that address the unique challenges within their respective fields.

Our Executive Search Practice Areas


We understand the complex issues facing clients in healthcare and the need for exemplary leaders to address these challenges.


We identify outstanding leaders to advance the missions of institutions across the education landscape and effect transformational change.

Life Sciences

With our global presence and vast network of trusted sources, we give clients in the life sciences access to the best leaders in the world.

Commercial Healthcare

We have unmatched experience in building impactful leadership teams to for-profit and investor-backed provider, service and technology-led healthcare organizations.

Academic Medicine and Health Sciences

We help clients in academic medicine and the health sciences find leadership that sets the standard for world-class care and innovation.

Information Technology

In conducting searches for traditional and emerging IT leadership roles, we match clients with leaders who can advance their organization’s mission through expertise and innovation.


To best serve not-for-profit organizations, we identify leaders with the ability to prioritize the mission, communicate a vision and execute a strategy for success.

Legal and Compliance

Our consultants identify top leaders with the skills needed to successfully run legal and compliance departments and contribute to the overall well-being and standing of their organizations.

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