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Recruiting Transformational Enrollment Leaders

WittKieffer has conducted more enrollment searches than any other firm. We embrace the responsibility of partnering with colleges and universities to find leaders who will meet this pivotal moment and help their organizations chart a brighter future. Our process and our people ensure outstanding outcomes.

For decades, we have provided a national perspective on requisite skills and experience for leaders in enrollment, admissions, financial aid and student records including:

  • Vice Presidents
  • Deans
  • Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents
  • Directors/Executive Directors
  • Registrars

Metrics that Matter


WittKieffer has conducted over 300 searches in the enrollment space, more than any other firm. In the past five years alone, we have supported over 130 searches for enrollment leadership at colleges and universities across the country and the world.


WittKieffer placements are committed to and make an impact on their institutions: The average tenure of our enrollment placements is six years, which is more than the national average.


We share your values and have a record of success advancing diverse leadership: Over the past five years, over 50% of WittKieffer's chief enrollment officer placements have been women and/or people of color. In the past year, 100% of our interview slates have included women and people of color.

Expertise that Provides a Strategic Advantage

  • Our credibility in the market is unmatched. We understand firsthand how university leadership views enrollment and what they need from their enrollment leaders. We provide judicious counsel on the qualities that will make a candidate an outstanding leader. Eagle-eyed referencing ensures that clients receive a 360 degree assessment of their potential hire.
  • We are deeply immersed in the field and known to those in it. For our clients, this translates into immediate access to a superior network of top candidates including seasoned and emerging leaders.
  • We are thought leaders. We partner with some of the country’s leading enrollment and higher education experts to offer insight into the evolving field of enrollment management. Our leadership survey report, conducted every four years, provides insight into the state of the profession and the dynamic landscape for enrollment leaders.
  • We leverage our network to build diverse pools. WittKieffer is a member of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education, and we have a robust practice dedicated to Chief Diversity Officer search. We leverage these connections to identify leaders who have a record of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion on their campuses. Additionally, our work with organizations, associations and professional development programs give us exceptional reach into the field of enrollment professionals from underrepresented backgrounds.

Success Story

Ronné Turner - Vice Provost for Admissions and Financial Aid, Washington University in St. Louis
Turner, WashU Get Creative to Recruit During Pandemic

Already a successful administrator prior to being named Vice Provost for Admissions and Financial Aid at Washington University in 2016, Ronné Turner knew unconventional tactics were necessary when a global pandemic altered the recruitment process. Adjusting quickly to a new environment, WashU waived the standardized test requirement, waived application fees for most, and encouraged applicants to submit a video to help the admissions committee get to know them more personally. With on-campus visits suspended, Turner worked closely with staff, faculty, and current students to engage with prospective students and applicants, telling the WashU story in ways previously unheard-of. Meanwhile, Turner worked with the financial aid office to ensure current students and families were well supported and able to continue their studies at WashU. With advocacy from Turner, WashU provided significant start-up funds to support less-well-resourced students as they started in Fall 2020. Despite the hurdles, Turner and WashU yielded a highly talented and robust class of outstanding students from around the country and the world for the Class of 2025.

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WittKieffer has supported the recruitment of forward-thinking, creative and influential enrollment leaders, individuals who inspire colleagues and provide their institutions with a distinct strategic advantage. We look forward to helping our clients find the next generation of leaders who will spark meaningful and transformational change for their institutions.

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