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Information technology and data are driving change across industries, especially in healthcarehigher education and the corporate sector. Top IT leadership today is absolutely critical. With the right information technology leaders – as well as leaders in the digital and informatics arenas – organizations can launch the integrated operational, financial and administrative solutions needed to enable and advance their long-term missions, strategic visions and innovation.

As an information technology executive search firm, WittKieffer brings decades of experience to its assessment and placement of prominent leaders. Our practice team understands the challenges in information technology, digital and informatics facing organizations and the opportunity for long-term success that skilled leadership in these areas can achieve.

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Our Expertise

The focused IT team at WittKieffer has recruited CIOs and related IT positions for decades and understands the breadth of challenges top IT leaders face – from the ongoing pursuit of population health management initiatives and the rise of value-based reimbursement in healthcare, to the need for cost cutting, improved infrastructure and greater operating efficiencies on college campuses. The innovation in information technology provides advancement that positively impacts healthcare and higher education. The CIO and their senior leaders have evolved over time and become increasing important to enable the strategic goals of the organizations they serve. All of today’s trends require facilitating technologies and information systems, and exceptional leadership to guide them.

Medical and nursing informatics leaders are driving efficiencies in hospitals and health systems, optimizing information systems and moving the healthcare industry forward in ways they hadn’t in the past. The mission and goal is the actual integration of meaningful data into the practice of medicine. This accomplishment is significant to elevating patient quality care. The field of biomedical informatics allows healthcare organizations to greatly enhance clinical care through more extensive and integrated health record databases, research centers leveraging bioinformatics, and translational research which combines clinical and biological data. Given the availability of significant data, there is huge demand for strong informatics leaders today.

Chief digital officers leverage digital and technology resources to transform an environment to focus on consumers through user centricity, service quality and innovation, in pursuit of a new digital paradigm. In healthcare, this has translated into patient-centric models that leverage mobile, machine learning, AI, remote patient monitoring, telehealth and digital tools in the clinic to improve the health system experience while increasing quality outcomes.

The higher education landscape continues to evolve around the student experience as universities transition to increasingly HyFlex environments to meet students where they are, in-person or online. University chief digital officers are increasingly moving our most storied institutions of higher education into advanced analytics to improve research, create operational efficiencies and ensure students have a learning experience that will drastically improve their outcomes.

Chief data and analytics officers are providing organizations with metrics, insight and predictive capabilities never before possible. In healthcare, the primary focus of analytics is to enhance and improve patient quality care. Organizations view data as a strategic asset and critical necessity for making data-driven health decisions. In addition, data analytics provides actionable information for benchmarking strategic priorities and informed decision-making in higher education.

Many healthcare organizations and academic medical centers are creating robust integrated analytics functions that can provide a single source of truth to senior leaders. These functions can span a variety of domains including clinical, financial and business operations data with the goal of providing prescriptive and predictive analytics. These roles frequently include oversight of the technology platforms responsible for providing advanced capabilities. Health systems are still trying to determine the best strategy and governance structure for analytics – the key is to hire strong analytics and data leadership.

With the explosive demand for cybersecurity, the recruitment of chief information security officers (CISOs) continues to rise, especially in vulnerable and data-rich industries like healthcare and academic medicine. According to experts, healthcare experiences more data breaches and cybersecurity incidents than any other industry. As organizations transform and migrate to digital platforms and sophisticated cyberattacks increase, an evolving threat landscape exists. Executive-level CISOs with deep information security expertise and business risk acumen are imperative.

Expert Leadership Recruitment in IT and Informatics

With our personalized approach to recruitment and extensive network of candidates, we are uniquely positioned to match organizations with leaders best suited to their needs. We identify exceptional leaders across a variety of roles, including:

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Health Informatics Officer (CHIO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO)
  • Chief Quality Officer (CQO)
  • Chief Research Informatics Officer (CRIO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Biomedical Informatics and Bioinformatics

In addition, organizations seeking to improve patient quality care and experience, cut costs, solve privacy and security issues and improve the overall quality of their information technology systems must look ahead to fill emerging roles such as chief innovation officers, chief research information officers and chief data science and analytics officers. WittKieffer’s IT Practice is at the forefront of change and innovation, assisting hospitals, service providers, health plans, academic institutions and technology-driven companies find the executive IT talent they will need to succeed in the future.

Success Story

Jeff Sturman – Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Memorial Healthcare System
Memorial Healthcare's CDO Connecting IT to Patient Care

Determined to make difference in the lives of others, Jeff Sturman followed a nontraditional path to becoming Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Memorial Healthcare System in 2018. Since joining the multi-hospital system based in Florida, after 10 years as a consultant with one of the world’s largest multinational professional services network, Sturman, who is now Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, has guided a surging growth in telehealth since the pandemic’s onset, and supported providers’ desire for creative solutions to hurdles in delivering quality healthcare outcomes. With seemingly endless energy, he balances the everyday tasks of his role with projects happening in the world of healthcare and healthcare IT, seeking paths to deliver care in new, more efficient ways.

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Tony Ambrozie – Chief Digital Officer, Baptist Health South Florida
Ambrozie Guiding Baptist Health South Florida's Digital Future

Seeking digital transformative initiatives to revolutionize how patients seek and receive care, as well as how its clinicians deliver that care, Baptist Health South Florida, with the support of WittKieffer, launched a search for its inaugural Senior Vice President, Chief Digital and Information Officer. Having made significant investments in technology to ensure a patient experience second to none, the committee considered candidates from a breadth of industries, landing on Tony Ambrozie, Senior Vice President, Technology and Digital, at The Walt Disney Co. with responsibilities for digital and core systems and technologies, engineering, data analytics and much more. A proven leader in the technology and digital space with a keen focus on using technology to enhance the consumer experience, Ambrozie has Baptist Health South Florida excited about the system’s digital future.

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