Fulfilling the Mission

Not-for-profit organizations face a growing need for exceptional leaders. Passionate, driven and talented not-for-profit leadership is vital for managing increasingly complex challenges while keeping organizations focused on their central mission.

CEOs, executive directors and senior teams in the nonprofit sector must be able to envision, develop and execute strategic plans that ensure their organizations can succeed and continue to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

Finding the Perfect Match

WittKieffer’s nonprofit executive search team includes consultants who have served in the sphere and know what constitutes leadership success within it. We conduct original research and leverage our contact network to find exceptional candidates who inspire as leaders and find purpose in their work.

We take a personalized and proactive approach as we strive to understand what makes each of our clients special, from foundations to not-for-profit healthcare organizations. Our approach allows us to quickly grasp the dynamics and nuances of organizations, ensuring we match clients with leadership candidates best able to bring their vision to life.

Serving Those Who Serve

WittKieffer’s not-for-profit executive search clients include:

  • Leading philanthropic foundations and trusts, including family and alumni foundations, charitable trusts and corporate philanthropic arms
  • Major service-oriented nonprofits dedicated to education, health and well-being, and social services
  • State, regional, national and international member associations and consortia
  • Prominent testing, credentialing and accreditation bodies
  • Disease-focused organizations
  • Community health centers
  • Health conversion foundations and hospital and health plan foundations
  • Economic development bodies
  • Libraries, archives and historical museums
  • Other leading mission-driven civic and cultural institutions

Success Story

Louis Brady - CEO, Family Health Center of Worcester
FHCW Embraces Its Past While Looking Ahead

Family Health Center of Worcester, Massachusetts, was guided for more than two decades by former president and CEO Frances Anthes, who helped the organization to grow and serve more than 36,000 patients annually. Whoever succeeded her would have to continue to build on past successes. After careful consideration of a deep pool of candidates, the search committee selected Louis Brady. Brady had 19 years of committed service to the community health center movement within four different facilities, and had a track record of growth and success. Now, as president and CEO, he understands that community health centers today are sophisticated business entities which are often dependent upon partnerships with lenders, bankers or other capital entities to create growth and expansion. They are also branching out to reach more people, and one area of growth being targeted by FHCW is to provide more health and behavioral care in schools, where trauma, hunger and homelessness are on the rise. Brady is a leader who celebrates the rich history of FHCW while bringing in bold, new ideas for the future.

Connect with a Practice Leader

Our Not-for-Profit Practice team includes individuals who have served and consulted in the not-for-profit, education and healthcare sectors, and who understand what is needed for leadership success in today’s competitive environment. Practice Leader Julie Rosen can answer your questions or tell you more.

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