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To overcome complex challenges such as social change, regulatory uncertainty, market risks and economic volatility, governing boards must recruit and develop strong, diverse leaders. From trustee recruitment and education to executing an effective succession strategy, our board of directors search capabilities help you meet your leadership needs and maintain the high performance of your board, now and into the future.

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Our experienced team creates a custom strategy for every search, working closely with your board members to learn which candidates align best with your vision and values, and what skills they need to help you accomplish your mission and goals. The range of board of directors services we offer makes it easy for you to navigate interviews, evaluations, selection and onboarding to successfully recruit exciting new leadership, including board directors and trustees.

We have particular expertise in recruiting board candidates to meet diversity and equity objectives. WittKieffer’s extensive industry contacts and comprehensive recruitment practices help to identify new members from traditionally underrepresented groups to make the board more dynamic, effective and representative of stakeholders and local communities.

Success Through Continuity

Seamless transitions in membership ensure no interruptions or setbacks in your board’s performance. Through our breadth of experience on issues such as promoting diversity, developing leadership and planning board succession, we help you confidently move your board into the future. Our custom approach ensures your leadership has the support it needs, including services like structured onboarding and programs for trustee development.

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We support boards across industries in their recruiting and leadership development needs. Practice Leader Jim King can answer your questions or tell you more.

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