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Multicultural Coaching

Organizations whose leaders demonstrate multicultural sensitivity have a greater chance of innovating, increasing productivity and driving change. Multicultural sensitivity is associated with positive team and organizational outcomes, including better financial performance and enhanced trust and communication.

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Essential Questions

Your executives may ask themselves:

  • How can I connect with and draw inspiration from the many cultures represented in my workplace and beyond?
  • Will greater multicultural sensitivity make me a better leader?
  • How can I encourage multicultural awareness in others to create systemic change?
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Our Multicultural Coaching

Multicultural Coaching is executive coaching through the lens of multicultural sensitivity and diversity, equity and inclusion. Our Multicultural Coaching – provided in tandem with the licensed, experienced Ph.D. psychologists of our partner CMA – emphasizes the awareness of and respect for differences among individuals. One-on-one sessions are typically held over the course of nine months to a year, integrated with real-world observations and regular check-ins with the executive’s supervisor. Leaders who complete the coaching experience may leverage their positions of power to create more diverse, inclusive teams and organizations.

Who Can Benefit

Executives who will benefit the most from this coaching include leaders who have significant impact and reach in their organizations to drive systemic and individual change. They must have a commitment to engage in this developmental effort.

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