A Leadership Void? A Crisis? A Critical Campaign? Count on an Interim Leader

Our interim executive candidates are pre-screened and highly vetted, each with extensive senior-level experience with respected private and public colleges and universities. Our interim presidents, provosts and cabinet members partner with your current leadership team, provide fresh ideas, assess financial opportunities, mentor emerging leaders and, on the whole, lay a foundation for future success.


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Interim Leaders Tackle Key Leadership Challenges

Spearhead Strategic and Operational Imperatives.

An institution needs to move forward even when faced with a leadership vacancy. An experienced interim president, VP or other leader keeps critical projects and initiatives moving ahead – with accountability – until a permanent replacement can be found.

Access Key Expertise.

Institutions face challenges or opportunities outside the steady state skills of an existing team – a merger or acquisition, new capital campaign, a revamp of enrollment strategy. An interim leader adds highly specific experience that augments current leadership.

Mentor a New Leader.

Institutions frequently hire key leaders – even presidents and provosts – based largely on potential. Interim leaders can mentor or coach newly hired campus leaders to streamline onboarding, set priorities and build confidence and early wins.

Thrive in a Crisis or Extreme Challenge.

Crises are best met with the aid of those who have faced them before. Interim leaders embrace the opportunity to lend experienced hands to safely navigate an organization through a crisis by contributing proven strategies, tactics and communications.

Deploy a Change Agent.

An interim provides a seasoned voice of reason, skill and experience to projects that necessarily may challenge the status quo. Interim executives establish a future vision and develop the action steps needed to realize it.

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