A Unique Perspective on Executive Leadership

Assessing and nurturing the brightest executive talent starts with a new kind of strategic expertise. LeaderVerse brings together the insights and expertise of WittKieffer with the tools and progressive methodologies of CMA, a team of experienced, licensed Ph.D. business psychologists. LeaderVerse offerings include: executive assessment; onboarding and coaching; succession planning; implicit bias training for search committees and organizations.

A Powerful Combination

LeaderVerse allows organizations to tap into the knowledge of seasoned WittKieffer search consultants and CMA’s business-experienced psychologists. This fusion of recruiting expertise and objective, science-based data assessment and executive development methods helps leaders and their organizations to learn, grow and succeed.

CMA: The Science Behind Great Leaders

Headquartered in St. Louis, CMA has compiled a record of success for global clients over the past 45 years. Like WittKieffer, the CMA team fosters close-knit client relationships while employing a science-first process to evaluate and refine how individuals lead more effectively.

A New Approach in Leadership Solutions

LeaderVerse delivers the data-driven executive leadership solutions that accelerate organizational success. Services include:

Executive Assessment with Onboarding

LeaderVerse's best-in-class assessments provide quantitative and qualitative insight that builds a foundation for leadership selection and onboarding. Collaborating with CMA, our team will integrate critical findings from the search discovery phase to customize the assessment process, and further, play an active role during the onboarding process.

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Executive Onboarding Premium

Leveraging our proven assessment methodologies, WittKieffer supports the comprehensive onboarding of executives to allow them to take command of their new role quickly and effectively. Our licensed experts tailor the onboarding experience to the individual, the position, and the organization's strategic needs.

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Executive Coaching

Coaching is proven to increase an executive's self-awareness, leading to better decisions, positive change and enhanced performance. Orchestrated by CMA's experienced psychologists, LeaderVerse coaching highlights strengths and shores up deficiencies on the road to professional growth and success.

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Succession Planning

Organizations depend on LeaderVerse's succession planning services to assess bench strength and implement career development strategies for high-potential leaders. Succession planning is critical for an organization's leadership strength and stability, ensuring that executive transitions are managed seamlessly and infuse the organization with new talent and ideas.

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Implicit Bias Training

WittKieffer is committed to helping search committees and organizations recognize and reduce the effect of implicit bias in executive hiring. Through strategic training, we support clients in conducting equitable executive searches and cultivating diverse and inclusive workplace environments.

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