The energy, enthusiasm and true potential of an organization lie in its people. It stands to reason that chief people and talent officers are fundamental not only to the success of their organizations but to culture, morale and reputation. These executives must be seasoned, strategic professionals adept at developing and deploying human resource and talent strategies in partnership with their CEOs and leadership teams. They bring forth the best in people and establish pipelines for future sustainability. 

In the “talent” business for more than 50 years, WittKieffer has deep experience in the recruitment and development of people and talent officers. We understand not just the skills involved in these roles but the countless years it takes for great talent executives to hone their craft. Networked with HR and talent leaders across the industries we serve, we work adaptively with each client to ensure that the people and talent officer they select aligns with the goals, culture, mission and growth potential of their organization. We support the leadership development of these executives so that they may flourish over the course of extended tenures.  

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