Top Executives for Today's Challenges

Today, more than ever, leadership matters. It is CEOs, CFOs, presidents and the most senior executives who spearhead change and steer a future course for their organizations. While the fundamentals of good leadership do not change, today’s executives must be more aware, astute, collaborative and change-ready than their predecessors. It is these leaders who provide a clear competitive advantage and guide success.

Bold Thinking

In business for 50 years, WittKieffer understands how a thoughtful, rigorous C-suite executive recruiting process is essential to hiring great leadership. By thinking outside the box and casting a wide net, we identify individuals who might otherwise have gone unnoticed. We present candidate slates that are diverse and dynamic, encouraging our clients to think boldly about who and what they want in their next leaders.

Deep Industry Expertise

Our consultant teams truly understand the industries in which they work, whether healthcare, education, life sciences or the nonprofit sector. Many of our consultants have had distinguished careers in their fields prior to executive search. We take pride in being experts, advocates and thought leaders in the areas we serve, so that clients know that their interests are being represented expertly in the marketplace.

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Leadership Experts in Healthcare, Education, Life Sciences and Not-for-Profit

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