Academic-Community Physician Integration

By Vinny Gossain and Linda Komnick

In an era in which academic medical centers are expanding and integrating with community hospitals, it is essential to align academic and community physicians to the right care, at the right location, and at the right time for the populations served. However, complexity increases as academic centers and health systems expand outside the tertiary/quaternary care setting to increase geographic reach.

When academic and community-based physicians become a single integrated team, rowing in the same direction, health systems can manage the competitive forces in the marketplace, improve care quality, and effectively oversee resources across their care delivery platforms. In Group Practice Journal, published by the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), WittKieffer’s Vinny Gossain and Linda Komnick outline fundamental ways that organizations can achieve integration between academic and community physicians, including:

  • Implementing evidence-based guidelines to assist in managing the growing enterprise
  • Developing progressive employment models
  • Engaging academic and community leaders and physicians
  • Removing barriers to allow providers to prioritize patient-centered care

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