Building Your Executive Brand

By Andrew Chastain

What is a personal brand? “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room,” Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has said. We want other people to carry a certain image of us that influences how they think and feel about us. It is how we “market” ourselves to others, but building a brand must be done genuinely and based on who you really are.

Developed in collaboration with NALHE, the National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives, the following article offers advice to those who wish to intentionally build their own brand. In summary:

  • Think about the authentic net impression you want to create. Each communication, personal interaction or social media post should support this effort, building the brand methodically.
  • Blend your brand with your values. A key to success in any career is to live according to your values. The same goes with building a brand.
  • Seek advice. Find the people in your organization (or outside) who will “tell it like it is.” They will let you know when you’re off brand.
  • Add to the conversation. With a brand, more is definitely not better. On social media, for example, while persistence pays off, it is not the person who posts or tweets the most often that creates a strong brand. Choose your topics carefully so that they contribute to the knowledge of others.
  • Establish a cadence. Whether you’re a contributing writer, speaker or active on social media, have a regularity to your contributions.
  • Align with your company brand. Executives must keep in mind that their own brand is inextricable from the brand of the company they help to run.

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