Chief Enrollment Officers in an Era of Great Expectations

For chief enrollment officers in higher education, responsibilities have become increasingly complex and expectations have multiplied. Presidents, provosts, and boards expect enrollment leaders to provide insightful counsel in support of institutional goals and strategy. Administrative colleagues, from student affairs to marketing to finance to alumni relations, require close collaboration and transparency as enrollment goals impact areas across an institution. Meanwhile, enrollment leaders are often the public face of their institutions, known across campus and to prospective students and families. The core responsibilities of the role remain: to find the best match and right number of students for one’s institution, even as the available pool of students shrinks.

To find out the implications of these trends, WittKieffer surveyed more than 130 chief enrollment management officers (CEMOs). The survey was undertaken with an eye toward these leaders’ greatest pain points and career challenges. It looks at salary ranges and expectations, whether or not certain skill areas are now more critical to success in the field, and whether diversification of enrollment leadership is happening quickly enough.

Download: Chief-Enrollment-Officers-in-an-Era-of-Great-Expectations_Survey-Report