Disruptive Trends in Healthcare

By Shelly Carolan, Michael Castleman and Susan Snyder

New technologies, business models and processes are disrupting every corner of healthcare. Though these promise better experiences and outcomes for patients, they also bring unprecedented challenges to an industry not known for embracing rapid change.

WittKieffer’s new e-book – “Disruptive Trends in Healthcare” – examines recent developments in four critical areas of the healthcare system as they converge toward the goal of integrated care: the changing provider landscape, consumerization of care, omnichannel care and the role of payers. In examining these changes, the authors highlight the leadership implications related to the evolving healthcare paradigm. These developments offer the opportunity for cost-effective and equitable access, transparency, prevention, early intervention and improved outcomes – the essence and promise of value-based care.

Adapting to evolving leadership attributes is what differentiates individual executives and leadership teams who can guide their organizations to success in this new and exciting era for healthcare.