How to Position Yourself for a Board Seat

Serving on a board can be an enormously fulfilling experience and a feather in the cap of any executive. Getting a board seat, however, takes time, preparation and intentional actions. How do you as a rising executive secure a board seat? Where do you start, and how do you find the board opportunity that’s right for you?

This webinar – a collaboration between WittKieffer and the National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives (NALHE) – provides a robust overview of why it can be valuable for executives to serve on boards, and the necessary steps to get there.

Speakers for the program include:

  • Nancy Alonso, Vice President Human Resources, CuraLinc Healthcare
  • Eduardo Arabu, Executive Director, National Hispanic Corporate Council
  • Jim King, Senior Partner and Leader, Board Services, WittKieffer
  • Donna Padilla, Managing Partner, Healthcare, WittKieffer (Moderator)

The speakers cover topics including:

  • What kinds of governing boards are there?
  • What are today’s boards looking for in terms of competencies?
  • How do board select new members?
  • What steps must an executive take to land their first board assignment?
  • What are cautions about board service?

For sample board bios, please view Sample 1 and Sample 2.

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Board service is a tremendous experience for any leader. Above all, as an executive you must have a passion for learning about governance and go through the strategic steps to prepare yourself for a board seat.

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