Successfully Leading Hybrid and Remote Technology Teams

In the post-pandemic era, healthcare technology leaders and their teams have settled into remote and hybrid work routines which, in most cases, will remain permanent. Leading remotely, and leading teams who are primarily remote, is a significant challenge if a technology leader is to maintain individual and team productivity, morale, culture and camaraderie, and in the long run hire and retain top talent.

This webinar presents exclusive data from a recent WittKieffer survey and explores the challenges of maintaining remote/hybrid teams: how to ensure they are productive; how to build team culture; and how to retain and recruit leaders who fit into today’s new remote-work paradigm.

Speakers include:

  • Cherodeep Goswami, System VP and Chief Information & Digital Officer, University of Wisconsin Health System

  • Lisa Stump, SVP and Chief Information & Digital Transformation Officer, Yale New Haven Health System 

  • Nick Giannas, Principal, WittKieffer

  • Zachary Durst, Consultant, WittKieffer

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