7 Rules for Rising Stars

By April Allen

All organizations have their “rising stars” or “high potentials” who will one day, hopefully, fill the senior-most roles and shape the organization’s future. One mistake I see up-and-comers make is to assume that their ascent has to happen quickly and uniformly. It’s fine to be ambitious, but give serious thought to how you want to progress in your career, and be open to the possibility that there are many paths to follow.

Developed in collaboration with NALHE, the National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives, this article shares rules for rising stars to consider as they ascend in their careers:

  1. Be flexible in how you want your career to progress.
  2. Be a high performer in order to be a high potential.
  3. Study what your organization wants in its high potentials.
  4. Seek out mentors and sponsors (and know the difference between the two).
  5. Look for the right opportunities to grow.
  6. Stick to your values.
  7. Be loyal but leave if you must.

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