Burnout in Healthcare Executives: A Call to Action

Much has been written on burnout in the healthcare provider ranks, and rightly so. Little, however, has been written about the emotional toll faced by healthcare executives in recent years. That toll is significant. While not on the front lines, executives are accountable for those who are – and for the financial imperatives required to keep hospital and clinic doors open.

In this new WittKieffer survey report – Burnout in Healthcare Executives: A Call to Action – healthcare leaders reveal just how traumatic and challenging the past few years have been. A total of 233 healthcare executives, including 63 CEOs, completed the survey. 

  • Nearly three-quarters (74%) of healthcare leaders admitted to having felt burned out within the prior six months.
  • 93% of these executives feel that burnout is negatively impacting their organizations.

Even more striking were the discrepancies in responses between those experiencing burnout and those not. Those feeling burned out:

  • Are much less hopeful about the future of healthcare leadership (47% vs. 88%);
  • Feel significantly less productive and unable to overcome challenges at work;
  • Feel much less determined to make an impact in their work and careers.

Burnout in Healthcare Executives: A Call to Action provides insightful data and constructive, proactive recommendations for how healthcare boards, CEOs and leadership teams can address the burnout crisis among healthcare executives.

Download the full survey report or read it in the window below: