Healthcare Management Jobs in a Post-Pandemic Market

COVID-19 has challenged healthcare like never before. What will be essential, believes WittKieffer’s Donna Padilla, is for the industry to learn and grow from the experience. Padilla, managing partner and leader of the firm’s Healthcare Practice, recently spoke with host Chris Coraggio for ACHE’s Healthcare Executive Podcast. The topic of their conversation: “Healthcare Management Jobs in a Post-Pandemic Market”.

While the challenges of the pandemic are still very real and present, Padilla emphasized that there have been positives from an executive talent perspective. “It’s really created a significant focus on what’s important,” Padilla said. “The vast majority of health systems have continued to double down on those roles that are critical to their delivery of care and their missions. It’s created a renewed focus on operational efficiencies and quality.”

While dealing with COVID has been an “all-encompassing challenge” for all healthcare leaders, she added, it has produced some silver linings. “Individuals as a whole have rededicated themselves to their careers. There is a crystal clear song as to why they do what they do. That’s a pretty big silver lining in my mind.”

Another positive: Healthcare organizations that previously were comprised of disparate units have become better aligned and unified. “It’s been all-hands-on-deck,” she said. People in different facilities and regions are now “pulling together in a way that’s meaningful.”

Therefore, as painful as the current challenges are, Padilla believes they will ultimately make the healthcare industry stronger. “My great hope is that we won’t go back—we take what we learn and leverage and optimize it.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

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