Leadership Competencies for Rare Disease Therapies

By Morten Nielsen

CEOs of the world’s leading pharma companies are looking for a new type of executive, and nowhere is this need more apparent than in the search for gene and cell therapies, especially in the rare disease space. Big pharma companies are charged with hiring division presidents and other rare disease leaders who can help them break from the traditions of the past – who may think and act nothing like them. The success of life sciences companies will increasingly depend on their ability to attract and retain executive talent with a combination of strong, global leadership capabilities combined with an ability to leverage disruptive innovation.

Pharma companies, therefore, must condition themselves to accept new types of leaders into their organizations. These executives:

  • Will not have big-pharma backgrounds.
  • May or may not be scientific experts.
  • May cause discomfort and disruption in their new organizations.
  • Will expect a large capacity for risk.

This article from Life Science Leader looks at the characteristics and competencies of this new breed of leader in the rare disease market. These executives need to balance their need to be disruptors with the ability to communicate, truly connect with others, and drive change.

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