Telehealth Leadership: An Overview

By Nick Giannas and Hillary Ross

Telehealth has been around for decades waiting for its moment to take center stage and more broadly improve quality and access to care. With regulatory and reimbursement obstacles relaxed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time for health systems to fully launch their telehealth programs.

Who will lead telehealth initiatives? Looking across organizations, there is no blueprint on the structure in leading telehealth. Depending on the organization, telehealth services are being overseen by:

  • CIO
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • CMIO
  • COO, CMO or other business or clinical operations leader
  • VP, Telehealth or Chief Telehealth Officer

Whoever oversees this function, what is consistent is that IT, digital along with business and clinical operations teams are working collaboratively to execute effectively in a timely manner and on a secure platform. Another key area of importance is providing training to create a seamless and convenient experience for clinicians and their patients.

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