Podcast: HR Transformation Past, Present and Future

“Transformation” is a hot topic in healthcare industry human resources circles. Each organization defines HR transformation differently. Important to note, though, is that transformation is not a single event or initiative—it is really a new way of thinking and behaving.

HR leaders, who have long sought to have a “seat at the table” of leadership, are now realizing that they must sit at multiple tables, and sometimes bring their own chair.

What does transformation mean in a healthcare HR context to some of today’s leading HR executives? How exactly is HR changing in an era of tremendous upheaval, and what is its future?

This discussion answers these questions and more. Hosted by WittKieffer’s Daniel Young and Luke Morris, the speaking panel features:

  • Ane McNeil, CHRO, SVP, Trinity Health
  • Aaron Gillingham, SVP, CHRO, Beaumont Healthcare
  • Carmen Canales, SVP and CHRO, Novant Health

HR leaders have a unique opportunity to impact the future of the healthcare industry. To find out how, download and listen to the podcast below:

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